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The firm offers a complete line of legal services to public school districts. The firm has served as the Board Attorney for the Newton School District for almost 50 years and also serves as Board Attorney for the Goddard, Augusta and Clearwater districts. The firm also represents the Harvey County Special Education Cooperative.

The firm offers school district tailored services and advice in most areas of the law that concern public school services including the areas of:

  • Kansas Open Meetings Act- KOMA
  • Kansas Open Records Act- KORA
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act- FERPA
  • Labor negotiations- Professional Negotiations Act
  • Employment law
    • Americans with Disability Act- ADA
    • Family Medical Leave Act- FMLA
    • Civil Rights laws- Title VII
    • Age Discrimination in Employment Act- ADEA
    • Fair Labor Standards Act- Wage and Hour- FLSA
    • Teacher Tenure and Due Process law
  • Bidding law
  • Student Suspension and Expulsion law
  • School Finance law
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act- IDEA
  • Disabled Students - Section 504

The firm has substantial experience working with school boards. In addition to the Newton, Goddard, Augusta, Clearwater and Haysville school boards, the firm represented the boards of Pittsburg, Dodge City, Winfield, Leavenworth, Newton, Hays and Arkansas City in the Kansas school finance litigation that occurred from the mid-1980s through the supreme court case in 1994.

The firm currently represents Schools For Fair Funding, Inc. and the following school districts in school finance Legislative matters:

  U.S.D. 105  Rawlins County
  U.S.D. 206  Remington-Whitewater
  U.S.D. 252  Southern Lyon Co.
  U.S.D. 253  Emporia
  U.S.D. 254  Barber Co. North
  U.S.D. 257  Iola 
  U.S.D. 259  Wichita
  U.S.D. 261  Haysville
  U.S.D. 262  Valley Center
  U.S.D. 264  Clearwater
  U.S.D. 265  Goddard
  U.S.D. 267  Renwick
  U.S.D. 269  Palco
  U.S.D. 270  Plainville
  U.S.D. 281  Graham County
  U.S.D. 305  Salina
  U.S.D. 308  Hutchinson
  U.S.D. 313  Buhler
  U.S.D. 322  Onaga
U.S.D. 333  Concordia
U.S.D. 346  Jayhawk
U.S.D. 358  Oxford
U.S.D. 366  Woodson
U.S.D. 375  Circle
U.S.D. 392  Osborne County
U.S.D. 398  Peabody-Burns
U.S.D. 402  Augusta
U.S.D. 413  Chanute
U.S.D. 422  Kiowa County
U.S.D. 428  Great Bend
U.S.D. 438  Skyline
U.S.D. 443  Dodge City
U.S.D. 445  Coffeyville
U.S.D. 446  Independence
U.S.D. 462  Central
U.S.D. 492  Flinthills
U.S.D. 498  Valley Heights
U.S.D. 500  Kansas City

In a labor relations setting, the firm has served as chief labor negotiator for U.S.D. 373-Newton for over twenty years and for Goddard for over ten years. The firm has gone through the mediation process under the Kansas statutory procedure fourteen times, the fact-finding process twice and the issuance of unilateral contracts twice. The firm has also participated in the Interest Based Bargaining process in Newton and in Goddard.



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