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2015 Gannon Supreme Court Briefs


Supreme Court Decision


02/11/16 Supreme Court Decision


9/21/15 Gannon Supreme Court Decision


Gannon Trial Court Decision


3/11/15 Gannon Trial Decision


12/30/14 Gannon Trial Decision Analysis


Gannon Trial Decision


Gannon Supreme Court Decision Analysis


SFFF Member List


Gannon Supreme Court Briefs


Gannon Decision Highlights


Gannon Trial Court Decision 1/11/13


Gannon Trial Documents


12/2/11 Gannon vs. State Amended Petition


Class Action Documents



Dr. Bruce Baker Expert Witness Report


6/6/11 Gannon Second Notice of Claims


11/2/10 SFFF News Release


11/2/10 New Lawsuit  Gannon vs. State of Kansas


6/17/10 SFFF News Release


6/17/10 Gannon First Notice of Claims









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